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A Full Range of Pickup Truck Parts

Olive's premium pickup truck parts are delicately designed, manufactured, and tested to balance your requirements of quality and cost.

Why Choose Olive

Meticulous customer service

One Supplier, All Parts

There is no need to find a second supplier to source pickup truck parts you need thanks to our full line of parts.

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Competitive Prices

Directly cooperate with Olive so that you can get lower prices and do not sacrifice profits to those importers.

Strict quality inspection

Customizable Designs

You can rely on our expertise on vehicle modification to develop custom parts for your specific market needs.

Short delivery time

Fast Delivery

Our responsible sales will follow your order carefully to ensure that we can deliver parts as fast as fast as possible.

Quality, Our Brand's DNA

Steel for producing auto parts

Cut Risk with Our Aligned Supply Chain

We strictly evaluate every supplier with other elements like integrity and productivity to manage our supply chain and ensure the quality from the source.

All of our suppliers are OEM factories trusted by famous pickup truck parts. That allows Olive to deliver the top-grade quality of pickup truck parts at a lower price without a brand premium. You can be absolutely confident about our quality to boost your truck part business.

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Double Check,
Double Assurance.

Our QC team will monitor the bulk production and quality tests in the factories, and we carry out a double-check before delivery.

We strive to operate 100% final inspection on each stock of goods to ensure perfect parts delivering, whether it is a small or large order.

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A Trouble-Free Purchasing Experience

Our one-stop services go beyond producing the right parts and selling them to you. You come to us, and our expert will take good care of the rest.

From consultation to delivery and after-sales services, we will actively supply relevant information to you at every stage to save your time and energy.