About us


Olive Auto Parts  was established to offer top-notch aftermarket auto parts with the principle of sincerity and honesty.

Focusing on auto electronic parts, we build a team to design, engineer, test and distribute our parts to Europe and North America. we won't let them leave our facilities until they meet our strict quality standards. That's how we know that they'll meet your high standards.


By now, we have the auto parts product lines with more than 15,000 SKUs, including the auto switch, lock actuator, clock spring, blower motor resistor, blower motor, throttle body etc.

In the meantime, our sourcing and engineer team is still working hard to help our customers look for more qualified auto parts. But one thing is clear: we do not just want more parts, we strive for the high quality first. Every Olive Auto Parts staff will bear the goal of "high-quality and first-class" in mind and keep going with it. And almost all our factory suppliers are supplying to the first-class auto parts brands worldwide and OE car factory. 

Our principle of doing business is Honesty, we are not allowed to cheat our customers or earn an extravagant profit. we will protect our customers' business from price, new items, quality inspection and other aspects to help our customers growing fast and healthy.   

We do not trust the high quality and low price, we have to admit that our product price may much higher than our competitors, but we assure you that if you are looking for a high standard auto parts partner, we are your best choice.


What We Do

● Quality Control

-Pretest. we will first test the sample from the pres-elected auto parts suppliers before officially building a cooperation relationship.  

-Factory inspection. Then, we visit the factory and inspect the product development, production, product tests and management progress. After these steps, the very auto parts manufacturer will be finally selected.

-Test again. During the bulk supply, we require that the goods should be sent to our warehouse first. Our 6 responsible quality inspectors will check the auto parts products and make sure the products are with good quality to be delivered to our customers.


● New Items Development

We are proud that we support our customers with the latest information about the auto parts products in the market. Because our purchasing team will regularly follow up the new product development of the suppliers, we can monthly provide the new and trendy auto parts products.

● E-commerce Solution

We can also help our customers who are doing auto parts E-commerce to grow their business because there are perfect E-commerce solutions and progresses for them. So please reach us if you are interested.

● Team Support

Comparing to the one-to-one service, we have a team for you. We conduct the team-to-one service, for products details, orders update, quality control etc. We hope every service or process is in high standard to satisfy our customers with our team back-up.