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Premium Auto Door Handles Supply

Door handles are not designed to have their service life last for the duration of the vehicles’ lifetime. So, there is a massive demand for car door handles. We do our utmost to discover the right products and the right solutions for your needs.

Olive’s extensive coverage of products is sure to match the original design and blend in with the interior or exterior doors of various vehicles. You can customize color or paint to match your particular project as well.

With our professional guidance, we promise you will have a relieved purchasing experience by working with our skilled project managers and harvesting the knowledge of our team. Please feel free to reach out to us for consultation.

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Quality Products from Experienced Factories

We have an excellent cooperative relationship with experienced surface treatment factories.

Automotive door handles can be painted, oxidized and electroplated. An advanced processing technique eliminates corrosion or damage that may occur as the result of environmental conditions.