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Top-Quality Aftermarket Window Hinges

Car window hinges are mounted at the top of the glass and attached to the body of a car just below the roof. So, window hinges are usually made of metal to ensure a strong connection.

We offer a wide range of automotive window hinges according to the manufacturing specifications of original equipment (OE). Our hinges fit original vehicles perfectly as far as both performance and appearance are concerned.

Select car window hinges from our broad product portfolio at a reasonable price. Don’t worry if you cannot find the parts you need here. Custom molding and manufacturing is available at Olive.

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Easy to Get the Right Product

All you have to do is select a category, car brand and model or enter an OE number to search for what you are looking for. Or you can just send your product list and requirements to us.

Time is money. We will take the time to design and manufacture the right products for your project.