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Specialized Supplier of Window Regulators

Looking for OEM window regulators at a competitive price? Olive is here to help you. We have close partnerships with top original material suppliers, which allows us to manufacture premium window regulators.

All window regulators of the cable type that we sell are have a well-designed cable system and utilize high-quality material, and all of our window regulators of the gear-drive type have precise gears and are made of durable material to prevent premature wear-out and breakage.

Olive operates in-house testing to ensure the units fit original vehicles and perform like original equipment. Work with us to purchase OE(Original equipment) quality window regulators in China.

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Seize Your Business Opportunities

Nobody can stand car windows ceasing to work. Failed parts of a window regulator or the whole unit must be replaced.

Olive provides you with a wide array of window regulators to enhance your automobile parts business and diversify your product lines.